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Maestro Server - Cloud Analytics

Open source software platform for management and discovery of servers, applications and systems for Hybrid IT. It can manage both small and large environments, enabling the visualization of the latest multicloud state.

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Maestro Server - App Manager

Automataze command and services.

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Would you like to experiment Maestro?

Demo verson is a complete open source installation.

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Features Overview - Cloud Inventory

Latest environment state

Auto discovery state of multi-cloud environment. Hosts, volumes, network and etc.

Enforce compliance

Certify compliance across multi cloud providers.

Advanced Reports

Create and visualize complex reports, optimize your
infra accordly.

Robust ACL System

Control whom can create, edit, visualize and access a
groups of hosts.

What problems does it solve?


Documentation out-of-date

Teams grow very fast and transform, it's hard to maintain knowledge up-to-date.


Decentralized state viewer

Multiple providers, a lot of interfaces to maintain.


Wrong forecast for client costs

Hard to accurately calculate the cost to a given client.


Access security flaws

Hard to visualize, audit, and control whom can access each server.

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Get Maestro up in just a few minutes using Docker.

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Confident plataform

Maestro Server follow the best software engineering standards in the market.

Constainerazed system

Made with containers in mind, Maestro Server is deployed with Docker. Easy to deploy, easy to test, easy to scale.

Tests and Docs

Create with tests in mind, Maestro Server uses the best practices in software engineering, such as unit testing, e2e test, code coverage, linting, code analitys and continuous integration.

Micro service arch

Created with micro services in mind, Maestro Server is ready for scale in both processes and humans.

Developer Guide

Are you interested in developing Maestro Server, creating new features or extending them?

We created a set of documentation, explaining how to set up your development environment, coding styles, standards, learn about the architecture and more. Welcome to the team and contribute with us.